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      Hello, I’m Henry, just an average guy with a passion for cooking — cooking makes me happy, whether it's making food for others or enjoying other people's creations. From the sounds of slicing and dicing on the wooden chopping block, to inhaling the incredible aromas emanating from the stove, and finally savoring the last drop by tipping the bowl. I absolutely enjoy every ounce of it. I truly believe in the power of cooking and its ability to express one’s own creativity in the kitchen. I founded DamascusSmith because I wanted to elevate experiences, as well as, inspire people in their own kitchens. I grew tired of seeing plain ol’ knives that are stored in overcluttered draws. So, I created something different that can be displayed, in all its glory, out in the open on your counter top. If you're looking stand out in your kitchen, you've come to the right spot. Your friends and family will definitely look in awe and amazement, as they delicately handle your beautiful Damascus Steel knife.